Sunday, April 03, 2011

1-seed (1/1) Connecticut Huskies (36-2, 19-0 BE)

Results: Notre Dame 72, Connecticut 63
Player of the Game: So. G Skylar Diggins (28p, 4r, 6a, 2s, 39m)
Def. Player of the Game: Sr. W Maya Moore (6dr, 4s, 1b, 40m)
Fr. Player of the Game: Fr. G Bria Hartley (10p, 1r, 3a, 1s, 40m)
Stat of the Game: Pts. in the Paint: UConn 24, Notre Dame 40

Summary: Over. Just like that. Notre Dame's Natalie Novosel was Robin to Notre Dame's All-American Skylar Diggins's Batman while UConn's Sr. All-American Maya Moore flew solo tonight as the consensus National Player of the Year led UConn with 36pts., but didn't receive any help from her teammates are her illustrious 4-year UConn career came to a close tonight as Notre Dame defeated UConn 72-63. The returning players will have all summer to sit on this loss and I hope it boils their blood. If tonight wasn't the toughest loss in UConn history then it's sitting right up there in 2nd. Next year wasn't going to be easy without the services of Maya Moore anyway, but now the challenge has been sent. It's time for the surrounding parts of the Moore era to take ownship and decide tonight they are ready for that challenge. There is no more Moore to lean on and players like Tiffany Hayes and Kelly Faris must decide they WANT to lead this team back to the Final 4 and take the championship. Titles aren't handed to anyone and that was shown tonight. Maya Moore's career may be over, but her legacy at UConn and in WCBB will live on forever. You are a truly a unique, special, outstanding, and amazing young women. Thank you, Maya for everything. Thank you for an awesome 4 years. Thank you!

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