Sunday, March 27, 2011

1-seed (1/1) Connecticut Huskies (35-1, 19-0 BE)

Results: Connecticut 68, Georgetown 63
Player of the Game: Sr. W Maya Moore (23p, 14r, 3a, 2s, 2b, 40m)
Def. Player of the Game: So. G Kelly Faris (6dr, 1s, 40m)
Fr. Player of the Game: Fr. G Bria Hartley (17p, 3r, 6a, 36m)
Stat of the Game: Fast Break Pts.: UConn 17, Georgetown 4

Summary: Backed into a corner, UConn Seniors Maya Moore and Lorin Dixon put the Huskies on their backs and willed their team to victory. Moore had 23 points and 14 rebounds which helped the Huskies rally past Georgetown, 68-63. "Maya (and I) decided we didn't want our careers to end here today," Dixon said. "That's just a great feeling. I think everyone wanted to continue the tournament." While Moore put up the numbers, Dixon was the catalyst for the game-changing run. UConn trailed 53-46 with 9:36 left, but responded with a 16-2 run sparked by the 5-foot-4 guard. "Today was a great reflection of what she's been doing for the last month for every single day," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said of Dixon, who finished with four points, four assists and four steals. UConn Fr. Bria Hartley added in 17pts. and 6asts. while hitting huge shots down the stretch of the game to help the Huskies reach the Elite 8.

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