Saturday, January 28, 2012

3/3 Connecticut Huskies (19-2, 8-1 BE)

Results: Connecticut 77, South Florida 62
Player of the Game: Sr. G Tiffany Hayes (33p, 10p, 3a, 3s, 1b, 39m)
Def. Player of the Game: So. C Stefanie Dolson (11dr, 3b, 37m)
Fr. Player of the Game: Fr. W Kaleena M. Lewis (5p, 7r, 3a, 1b, 29m)
Stat of the Game: Rebounding: UConn 53, USF 28

Summary: And homegirl is on phi-ah (fire)!!! Once again, UConn All-American candidate Sr. G Tiffany Hayes light up court scoring 33pts. to go along with 10rebs. (for her 1st double-double on the season) as the Huskies fought off the hard-charging Bulls of South Florida, 77-62.

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