Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Freshmen

#4 G Moriah Jefferson

If speed kills, then Mo deserves the electric chair. That's how fast Geno's first-ever recruit from Texas actually is on the court. This lightning-quick guard, is a tornado. And like a tornado, if you misjudge her abilites, she will catch before you could blink and leave you in pieces. Reports say she is a true floor general and is already displaying leadership skills well beyond her years. And with Hartley being out, she may start her first game in a Husky uniform in that PG spot. UConn has lacked a true PG with scoring capabilities since Renee Montgomery's graduation in 2009. If Mo can hit open shots and dribble penetrate to either score or dish with regularity, she and UConn will be unstoppable. And she's just a freshman folks. Wow! Can you imagine with all the talent on this team, if Geno designates her as his starting PG from day 1 and keeps her there even when Hartley returns? He said the next couple of years were going to be special in Storrs, and I'm so sure he's right that I'm already excited to find out just how special they really going to be.

#30 F Breanna Stewart

And speaking of special, I think you'll find the consensus HS POTY and #1 recruit Breanna Stewart's picture listed next to that word in Webster's Dictionary. Already being touted as maybe the best recruit in the history of the UConn program, Stewie, as her teammates call her, isn't taking any praise lightly or for granted. She is here to become the best and work her butt off everyday to get there. She knows she has the chance to leave UConn in the same breath as the long list of Husky Greats that have come before her and she is off to a great start. In just two exhibition games, she has already provided fans and media with plenty of ohs and ahs; from a pull-up 3 on the break to a tip-in around the rim to a nasty block from out of nowhere. Breanna just has that incredible knack for being in the right place at the right time and she can do it all: score from anywhere (inside the arena), handle the ball, pass, defend, block shots, rebound, hit 3's, finish with either hand, create her own shot, and has just about every post move you can think of in her arsenal. If it were up to me, she would start from day 1, but Geno's the expert so I will trust his judgment if she doesn't(but it won't take long if she doesn't...she's just that good). These next four years are going to be out-of-this-world spectacular. So UConn fans all around the world buckle up and get to know #30 fast because they're going to go by in a blur. And I assure you, you won't want to miss a thing.

#3 F Morgan Tuck

Wearing the #3 jersey at UConn comes with a TON of pressure and this frosh is more than ready to take on that challenge. Perhaps the least talked about freshman of the self-proclaimed "Three Musketeers" (a nickname I hate, btw. Come on girls, you can think of something better!!), Morgan Tuck may just turn out to be the best of the 3 in the end. Like her fellow frosh Stewie, she too has the total post arsenal and can step out and hit the 3 easily. Where they differ is in their bodies and comfort zones. While Stewie is a post in a guard's body who loves mixing things up all over the court, Morgan is a post in post's body who loves being in the post while occasionally stepping out to nail a 3. She is strong, physical, confident, and determined. She is also a lot like Kelly Faris in the sense that she won't blow you away in any one particular area, but she just finds a way to get it done, but unlike Kelly, Morgan can flat out score! She'll always fill up the stat sheet and while she may have a quiet game here and there, I don't ever expect her to have a bad one. I also expect Morgan to be a big game player, so be on the look out for increased numbers against ranked foes and when the tournaments come rolling around. She may just be the most competitive person on this team, and if she can infuse that will into her teammates - this team is going to go from very good to ____ (we need to invent a new word for scary) good by March.

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