Sunday, November 13, 2011

4/4 Connecticut Huskies (1-0)

Results: Connecticut 77, Holy Cross 37
Player of the Game: Sr. G Tiffany Hayes (16p, 8r, 4a, 2s, 2b, 29m)
Def. Player of the Game: Sr. G Tiffany Hayes (5dr, 2s, 2b, 29m)
Fr. Player of the Game: Fr. W Kaleena M. Lewis (7p, 7r, 1s, 28m)
Stat of the Game: Rebounds: UConn 49, Holy Cross 32

Summary: Life Without Moore has officially begun. Led by the All-American Candidate trio of Sr. G Tiffany Hayes (16p/8r/4a/2s/2b), So. G Bria Hartley (17p/3r/6a/1s), and So. C Stefanie Dolson (12p/7r/1s/1b) the UConn Huskies easily handled Holy Cross for its first post-Maya victory, 77-37. While it wasn't always pretty, it still was a 40-pt. blowout in typical UConn fashion by the time the final buzzer rang. The biggest highlight from the game, of course, being the return of UConn RJr. G Caroline Doty, who started the game at the point, missed her first two 3-pt. attempts before nailing 2 three's back-to-back midway through the first half, en route to a 9p/5r/3a evening in 22 mins. of action. All three freshman saw a decent amount of action as well with W Kaleena M. Lewis going 0-for-7 from long range, but still impressing with 7p/7r/1s, F Kiah Stokes tallying 4p/4r/1s, and G Brianna Banks finishing with 2p/2r/2a/2s.

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