Monday, December 15, 2008

Bad Sad News (part II):

UConn senior Cassie Kerns has also been diagnosed with Mono and will miss 4-6 weeks of playing time. They just got freshman Heather Buck back in practice after suffering from Mono and now Geno is exploring the possibility of redshirting. They will decide once they get back from South Carolina just before the new year. Kerns was diagnosed last week during finals and will hopefully be back at full strength as soon as possible. UConn now gets even MORE thin in the post. Not a fun way to spend your time in Cancun, Mexico.

Get Well Soon, Cassie!

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Mike said...

Missing 4-6 weeks as a senior hoopster for any reason is terrible, but mono just seems worse for some reason. She's the second player (including Buck) as you said; they'd better hope this isn't some sort of strange epidemic. These girls shouldn't have to deal with this stuff now but I hope Kerns has a speedy recovery.

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