Wednesday, January 24, 2007

5/7 Connecticut Huskies (17-2, 7-0 BE)

Results: Connecticut 88, DePaul 76
Player of the Game: So. SF Kalana Greene
Defensive Player of the Game: So. SF Kalana Greene
Freshman Player of the Game: Fr. C Tina Charles
Stat of the Game: Free Throws A/M - UConn 19-27, DePaul 3-6

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Anonymous said...

Where is the commentary that goes along with this blog? You started out with some interesting commentary when you began the blog, and now it is pretty much just statistics. I can find that in the box score of the paper.

If you are going to do a blog like this, you have the opportunity to make an interesting contribution. But, if you leave it as a series of stats, its boring, and I'm not interested in reading it.

Good luck--i think you can do better.